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The optimal solution for professional control center console

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Author : Kesino
Update time : 2021-11-05 16:29:33
The command center is a highly integrated technology center that integrates a large number of data processing, connection, and display. As the carrier of direct connection and dialogue between people and equipment, professional  operator console furniture are indispensable in various control operation centers and occupy an important position. Its professional function integrates the various nodes of the control operation center into one, effectively improving work efficiency and ensuring fast and safe operation.

Choosing a console has become the top problem in many control centers and digital center purchasing departments. We all know that consoles are divided into straight consoles, curved consoles, U-shaped consoles, steel-wood consoles, and all-steel structure consoles. How to choose a high-quality console? What kind of console is considered high-quality?

The structural frame of the console is preferably a combination of steel and wood. A product that combines steel and wood. Structurally, cold-rolled steel plates form the main frame of the console, and the appearance is decorated with imported fire-proof boards and thick particleboards. The console with such a combined structure is more sturdy and durable in use, and the appearance is improved and beautiful, giving users a sense of comfort. It can also improve the overall decoration of the space. Under the premise that people pay more and more attention to health and environmental protection. The steel-wood admixture structure console product is based on the corresponding national technical parameters and hazardous substance limit and other inspection standards, pays more attention to environmental protection standards, and has passed the "National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" various index inspections. The environmental protection of the board has reached the EO level. From the perspective of equipment service life, the steel-wood admixture structure also has the advantage of fast heat dissipation. Steel is a high-quality conductor of thermal conductivity. The heat generated by the equipment can be transferred to the steel frame as soon as possible, and then air convection through the front and rear baffle vents Bring the heat out of the console, reduce the temperature in the console, ensure the stable working environment temperature of the equipment, and prolong the service life of the equipment.

From the perspective of appearance, when we choose the console, we must choose the product style and size based on the layout of the project itself. According to the ergonomic design, the best office space for each person should be designed with a workstation of 1300mm per person. The best display space for human legs and table feet is 450~550mm, so the width of the console is best 850~950mm. The best deployment height between human legs and the bottom of the table is 740~760mm, so the height of the console is best 850~950mm. The console is also a work of art, so we should choose the color according to the three-color principle, that is, there are no more than three colors. The mainstream common colors on the market are black, gray, white, and blue. The entire layout in black and gray is calm and atmospheric. Blue adds vitality to the original calm foundation. The acrylic screen of the console can well reflect this point. The LED light strip is added on the original basis, which can change the light according to the real-time changes of the scene, and achieve a sense of synchronous atmosphere of the scene. The blue acrylic screen highlights the sense of science and technology on the otherwise stable console, and sublimates the product. The desktop of the console is made of high-quality wooden boards with refractory panels. The color of the desktop is generally warm white, gray and bright white. The selection of wood boards is generally: Ou Song board, melamine board, anti-fold special board, three kinds of boards. Among them, the anti-fold special board is the most popular in the market. Compared with plywood, medium-density fiberboard, blockboard and other board types, anti-fold special board has a small linear expansion coefficient, good stability, uniform material, and higher screw-holding power. Better moisture resistance and abrasion resistance.

From a functional point of view, in order to pursue the ultimate beauty and practicality, the wiring of the console must be hidden and independent. The appearance should not have any wires exposed on the surface, and the internal wiring is designed according to the scientific strong and weak current to separate independent wiring grooves, which meets the professional wiring requirements of various industries, while maintaining a high level of professionalism, it also solves the common wiring messy problems in the past. , This design can improve office efficiency and do more with less. The common through-type bottom cabinet space needs to be able to provide the installation space of 8 hosts per seat, and the 19-inch equipment mounting rack needs to be expanded to provide a 10U installation space. Due to the long-term 72-hour day and night operation of the command center, the requirements for the heat dissipation function of the cabinet are very high. The heat dissipation of the cabinet is developed from the perspective of aerodynamics, and the natural flow of the airflow is used to reduce the surrounding temperature, thereby reducing the loss of the computer.

To sum up, when you choose the command center console, you should choose according to these aspects. You can definitely choose a high-quality console. A control room furniture manufacturers .  
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