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What is the high-speed rail dispatching command center like?

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Author : KESINO
Update time : 2021-09-28 13:46:28
The importance of transportation to a country is self-evident. Since the establishment of our country, it has been paying attention to transportation development, increasing transportation investment, and promoting transportation construction. Now it has grown into an important transportation country in the world.

Transportation is the tool for rejuvenating a country and the foundation for a strong country. As the main artery of the national economy and the country's important infrastructure, the railway is capable and must be  in the construction of a strong transportation country.

Right now, trains of EMUs are carrying passengers swiftly and "flying" in different directions. Behind the high-speed operation of EMUs, there is a "super-powerful brain" that accurately commands them. This "super-powerful brain" is the high-speed rail dispatch command. center.

The dispatching command center is the "brain" of railway transportation command. It is the core sensitivity of new railway technology. The dispatching command center generally has functional areas such as signal, communication, information equipment room, dispatching hall, and operation and maintenance management room. It integrates passenger and freight dispatching and commanding. Through the dispatching command center, staff can realize automatic route control, train operation monitoring, operation plan preparation, operation diagram paving and adjustment, train reporting information processing and dispatching order issuing functions, etc. Give full play to the level of automation of traffic command and provide safe and efficient guarantee for railway transportation.