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What types of materials are used in the command center console?

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Author : kesino
Update time : 2022-03-24 10:26:57
Command center console, also known as monitoring center console, monitoring room console, monitoring hall console, monitoring machine room console, etc., is used in various office building monitoring rooms, enterprise monitoring centers, information command centers, and power dispatching centers. Console material is the most basic guarantee of quality. Today, Kesino will introduce to you in detail what types of monitoring console materials are available?

1. Material of steel command center console/monitoring console

The steel monitoring console mainly refers to the monitoring platform made of cold-rolled steel. It is made of a high-quality cold-rolled steel plate after bending and some surface treatment. It does not require much welding, so the bearing capacity is better. The surface has undergone surface treatment such as degreasing, rust removal, phosphating, powder spraying, etc., which makes its appearance more beautiful and has better anti-corrosion ability, which provides a good environment for the monitoring room. For making high-precision products.

2. Steel-wood combined console material

The main material of the steel-wood combination monitoring platform is cold-rolled steel + MDF + fireproof board or anti-folding special board. The cold-rolled steel plate is mainly processed by bending and does not require too many welding processes, so the firmness is very good. The surface of the cold-rolled steel plate is treated with a special process to increase its corrosion resistance and prolong its service life. This is a relatively common monitoring table material on the market, with high practicability. The MDF + fireproof board or anti-fold special board material has a better appearance and feel, which can make the video effect of the monitoring console better, match the environment more closely, and make the monitoring personnel more comfortable to operate. The material used is mainly composed of steel and wood. Under the condition of ensuring product quality, dimensional accuracy, appearance effect, and functionality, users can save the price and cost of monitoring console monitoring consoles.

3. Solid wood command center console/monitoring console material

The solid wood monitoring console is made of pure solid wood, which has a good appearance, but the price is high, and the fire resistance is not high, so it cannot be used in data rooms and monitoring centers with high fire resistance requirements. Now manufacturers use solid wood to produce consoles very.

4. Stainless steel command center console/monitoring console material

The main material of the stainless steel monitoring console is 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. For most environments, there are many kinds of production materials for the console, but we need to use different production materials according to different environments, such as wet places. It is definitely not necessary to use wood materials, and stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so stainless steel monitoring consoles can be used in humid environments, and the price of stainless steel materials is higher than that of cold-rolled sheet materials.

5. Aluminum profile monitoring room console material

The material of the aluminum profile command center console/monitoring console is the material that has been used in recent years. The aluminum alloy is characterized by lightweight, high strength, beautiful appearance, and a certain economy. Now some monitoring console manufacturers use aluminum profiles as the monitoring table. The main material is also a good choice, but the disadvantage of the aluminum profile material is that the reprocessing ability is poor. For some complex parts, it cannot be processed by ordinary sheet metal equipment. If it is produced by molds, it needs to reach a certain amount. Otherwise, the cost unit price of the monitoring console will be greatly increased.

6. Other command center console/monitoring console materials

In addition to the above-mentioned common materials for console processing, there are also artificial stone, polyurethane, anti-fold special board, plexiglass, tempered glass, and other materials, which can be used in combination according to different performance needs, such as artificial stone console table, polyurethane Resin monitor table side, anti-fold monitor tabletop, plexiglass processed lampshade or exterior parts, tempered glass back panel, etc.