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Winter Olympics 2022-----We are one part of them!

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Author : kesino
Update time : 2022-02-21 13:10:18

With the grand closing ceremony of the Beijing National Stadium, the wonderful 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end. This Winter Olympics was still held as scheduled during the epidemic is not easy. The strong organizational guarantee has left a deep impression on the world. Excellent venues and The construction of the venue has created many wonderful moments in the athletes' competition, and achieved a "simple, safe and exciting" Beijing Winter Olympics event, as well as the beautiful opening and closing ceremonies. The city of two Olympics.

The construction of the Beijing Winter Olympics venues has also created many technological highlights, which are inseparable from the product blessings of a group of excellent enterprise suppliers. Kesino is also honored to participate in it, providing professional consoles for the opening and closing ceremonies and some venues in the Yanqing competition area. Successfully contributed to the completion of the Science and Technology Olympics.

The completion of the Olympic project is an encouragement to the overall team of Kesino, and it is also another proof of the strength. Kesino will also actively participate in more major events such as the 2022 Qatar World Cup in overseas markets. In the future, Kesino will increase Product research and development, close to customer needs, continue to serve more domestic and foreign markets with better products.